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What is Soroban?

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What is Soroban(Japanese Abacus)?

The SOROBAN, known as the Japanese abacus in English, is a rectangular wooden instrument used to do calculations based on the decimal system.

Thorough the time period, Soroban has not only considered as a calculation instrument , but also as a brain training tools.


5 Benefits of Abacus

There are 5 benefits you can expect for your kids though abacus training.

One of the biggest advantages of abacus training is that kids can calculate simple mathematical problems rapidly and accurately. So that they are able to enjoy mathematic itself and get more interests in leaning new things.

Also, it develops concentration levels allow them to absorb more information.Recent studies have shown that using abacus is effective in the development of the right brain.Through abacus training, kids use their eyes, fingers and brain at the same time , so these motions stimulate especially right part of their brain. It also helps their creativity at the same time.These are just the summery of benefits, but there are a lot more things you will find in near future…

Our Method

Our teaching method is based on Ishido Shiki method.

1.Teach individually 

Some kids learn very fast, others likes to take their time, some kids like to compete with friends…

Each child is growing with different speed , different way so we teach them one by one .

It makes them to start whenever they are interested in and no need to worried about the learning speed.



2.Small steps

In order to acquire 「Self Confidence」for kids , we prepare small step achievements such as text books,materials, and Grading systems based on 「Soroban foundation of Japan」

Teachers are also trained to encourage and be supportive to the kids if they feel difficulties.







3. 「Mokuso(黙想)」meditation

Before start training session, kids have time(about 10-20 seconds) for meditation called Mokuso(黙想).

You might already have the idea of Mokuso through Japanese martial arts such as Judo(柔道),Karate(空手). Our Mokuso is basically same.

This period allow them to clear their mind and focus on the session.

We believe that Mokuso is not only useful in terms of abacus training but also there are many good effects in their daily life.