Abacus, Mental Arithmetic enpower kids´ ability

About us


We are one of the best Soroban(Japanese Abacus)school in Europe.


How we started

In 2016 we started our Soroban(Japanese Abacus) school in Düsseldorf, Germany with only 7 students .

Gradually our school is known by Japanese and also locals, international kids and their parents.

In 2019, we became a partner of 「Ishido Shiki」, has about 45 years history and more than 210 schools includes partnerships in Japan.

Also we opened our new school in Frankfurt in 2019.




Our mission

We are supporting the kids to acquire「Self confidence」,「Joy of learning」,「Keep challenging」 through our Abacus learning. We believe that all kids can achieve their goals especially if they have these basic skills from earlier years.

Also the relationships between friends, teachers, and of course families influence a big part of kids growth and development, so we always ask the families to take part in our activities!


About Ishido Shiki

ISHIDO-SHIKI is the education system for the creation of a new future.

To open up a new future through abacus learning.

More that 210 schools around the teach with Ishido Shiki method.

Bingo Soroban Schoool is an official partner of Ishido Shiki.

More details about Ishido Shiki>>> Official Website